Juho has been pushing tracks for a long time. He played his first gig in 1997 and to be honest, not much has happened after that. The bastard might have been lucky to release some shots on BPitch Control, Initial Cuts, Frozen North Recordings and Prologue Music, but he is still doing the same stuff he did that time. We might ask him why is he still here? Normal people understand to stop when there is no progress.

Juho is a stubborn individual. As a musician his "career" might have been an anti-climax with a lot of effort and not much achievements, but is there something else he could do? The poor bugger is not much of an athlete. You couldn't imagine him as a model either. Let's face the facts: he is good enough to be a dj. Juho's problem is that he wants to be a bit more than that. He believes that making music will take him somewhere. So far it hasn't happened. Some people think it never will.

Do not feel sorry for him. He has chosen to live this way. It is possible that he even wrote this piece-of-shit text himself. Juho draws his inspiration from melacholy, depression and anxiety. The future is something to fear. It might be that this kind of self-pity and pathetic dystopian visions feed him as an artist. What a loser.

Download dj-mix: Every Stock Must Fall | mp3, 192kbps, 97mb
Tracklisting: Robert Henke: _exit (Imbalance Computer Music) / The End Of All Existence: B1 (The End Of All Existence) / Cio D'Or: Pailletten (Prologue) / Traversable Wormhole: Exiting The Milkyway Surgeon Remix (CLR) / Jeff Mills: A1, Pt. 5 (Something In The Sky) / Obtane: Virgo (Sonic Groove) / Vice: Push (Black Nation) / Skudge: Overture (Skudge) / Mike Dehnert: Treillis (Echocord) / Delta Funktionen: One's Space (Ann Aimee) / Lucy: Kalachakra DVS1 Remix (Prologue) / Chris Sattinger: Energy (Synewave) / Markey: Techno Wars (DJ International Multimedia) / Ben Klock: Voyage One (Klockworks) / Outline Meets Surgeon: B2 (Blueprint) / Schermate: Control Modern Heads Remix (Schermate) / Samuli Kemppi: Dark Matter (Mote-Evolver) / Robert Henke: _exit

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